Public release of Stockholm Transit (SL)

Hello again!

This time I have very exciting news! Me and my friend Mattias Svanström ( have been working on an Android app called Stockholm Transit (SL) for the last 6 months. And now the time has come to finally release it publicly!

Stockholm Transit is an app that helps you plan your journeys while traveling in Stockholm with SL (Storstockholms Lokaltrafik). What makes Stockholm Transit different from other apps is the interactive and clickable subway and rail map that makes it much easier to quickly select departure and arrival station. Normally you’d have to write the names of the stations, but this step is skipped in our app. The app also have all the normal features that you would expect from an app like this. You can configure the exact time you want to arrive, save favorite trips, view your trip on a Google map and much more.

Inspiration to this app came after my trip to Seoul in South Korea, where they have a really good app for planning trips with the subway. And then after coming back to Stockholm I realized that we don’t have an app like that here, so I decided to create on myself.  And now I finally feel that the app is ready for release!

This is the map you’ll see when you start the app:

Stockholm Transit (SL)

In the map you can simply press where you want to start, where you want to go and then press search to quickly see the different possible trips that you can take. Simple and very fast.

See below for more screenshots of the other parts of the app:

Download it here:

Get it on Google Play

And please send any comments or feedback to or post it in the comments down below. Sharing the app and giving it a good rating in Google play is also a nice thing to do… 🙂

2 Responses to “Public release of Stockholm Transit (SL)”

  1. Looks great! And is probably(?) a great complement to the existing “Res i STHML” app.
    What I’d love to see however is an app with an interactive map that shows you the buss lines from start-end stops so you can better plan your trip above ground also. Sub way lines are easier to find than busses.

    • Hi Lisa!

      Thank you! We’re really trying make a good-looking and usable app. A bus map is a good suggestion, thank you for that. We’ve been thinking about how to show a bus map in a good and clear way. The subway/train map is much easier, as you say, so we simply started out with that one. But a bus map is definitely a next possible step. We’re gonna consider it again.


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